Eyelid Productions WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites for Business.

WordPress is an easy to use content editing and web publishing tool - it allows you to self manage and update your website.

WordPress powers million of blogs and websites world wide such as newspapers, magazines, TV stations, celebrity sites, educational, government, social media sites and of course millions of ordinary websites and blogs run by individuals and small businesses.

WordPess is the best platform for business because it is easy to change the content of your webpage and its functionality so as your business evolves your website evolves at the same time.


We configure your WordPress website to enhance your business.

It is the easiest content management system and publishing tool to use for the web. It allows you to self manage your posts and web pages, customise your website theme and menus, easily add functionality with plugins – in short you get complete control over your own site without any technical expertises.

WordPress is well supported, all updates are free and seamlessly automatic. Therefore, as web technologies advance your website gets all the benefits at the same time.